History of Royse City, TX

From the Beginning to Where We Are Today!

Royse City History
Garrett Burgess Griffin Royse, better known as Byrd Royse, was born in Adair County, Kentucky on January 31, 1838, to William and Mary Stone Royse. He was the seventh of 14 children. Mr. Royse was proud of the fact that he served the Confederate Army during the Civil War. He served with the 19th Regiment Missouri Infantry.

Around 1850, Mr. Royse’s future grandmother-in-law and her sons bought several tracts of land that were later to be known as Royse City. Around 1886, Mr. Royse platted the townsite and sold the first lot to Alf Reese and his nephew Albert Royse. About that same time, Mr. Royse was instrumental in getting the MK&T Railroad line brought from Greenville to Dallas through Rockwall County. Family legend has it that Mr. Royse informed the MK&T Railroad people that he would donate the land for a train station if they would call it Royse City.

After the lots were sold and land in and around Royse City were selling pretty high, the Royse family sold their part and, in 1893, joined about 100,000 others in the Oklahoma Land Rush. Mr. Royse got a quite of bit of land in Custer County near Foss, Oklahoma. Mr. Royse and his wife resided there until their death.

Fate History
“Old Fate” was located on FM552 Rd. near MT Zion Cemetery. It was moved to the newly constructed railroad, at its present location. A small town existed there already and was knows as Barnes. It was named for the developer, W. T. Barnes.

Twenty-two real estate owners met on February 11, 1887, and drew up a document changing the name of the town from Barnes to Fate. Like many towns, the origin of its name is debatable. Old timers and some of the signers of the document said it was named for G. W. Lafayette Peyton, whose wife called him “Fate”. Lafayette was pronounced “La Fate.” Others thought it was named for Lafayette Brown, whose wife called him “Fate”, also.

Fate became incorporated September 27, 1900, and was known as the smallest incorporated town in the smallest county in the largest state in the U. S. Today the City of Fate is at the cusp of change. The City has approved one of the largest developments in Rockwall County with over 5000 new homes. 4 Lane Divided Parkways are planned where dirt roads exist today.

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